Athens Sunrise Cruise

Athens Sunrise Cruise. Enjoy a full day of semi private motor sailing from Athens to the nearby islands of Moni and Aegina. Sunbathe onboard our luxurious Motor Sailer and swim in crystal clear waters. If you are more of an active person, explore the natural reserve island of Moni, but make sure you keep some nuts in your pockets, because deers are certain to approach you for food. Don’t veer off much though, because an exquisite Mediterranean buffet is being prepared onboard for you. 
Once we have our lunch we motor sail to the picturesque harbor of Aegina island, where you will have the chance to get off, and explore its chora. If you love ancient Greece, you have time enough to visit the Ancient Temple of Aphaia. 
We depart just before 18:00 from Aegina and start our return trip to Athens. Everybody has the chance of looking west, where the sun sets in the sea, creating a magical scenery. 
We return to our base in Alimos Marina at 20:00.

Categoría: Cruceros, vela y tours acuáticos.

Inicio en: Atenas, Grecia.

Duración: 9 horas.

Precio: 125,00 euros.

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