Loutraki: Wines Lakes and Legends at Corinthia and Stymphalia

Loutraki: Wines Lakes and Legends at Corinthia and Stymphalia. This delightful tour brings together the heady notes of organic wine tasting with the beauty of Lake Stymphalia, the mythology of the Stymphalian bird Labour of Hercules, a reviving hike by the lake to ancient Stymphalos and delectable local cuisine.
Enjoy the delicate and sublime bouquets of organic wines artfully created at an old winery at an altitude of 750 meters on the mountains of Corinthia
• Be inspired by the beautiful Lake Stymphalia and its Environmental Museum
• Be revived by the lakeside walk to the ruins of the ancient town of Stymphalos
• Relish the flavors at a carefully selected local tavern serving typical Greek cuisine
• Travel back in time to Hercules and his Stymphalian Birds Labour

Categoría: Escapadas y excursiones de un día.

Inicio en: Atenas, Grecia.

Duración: 6 hours 30 minutes.

Precio: 225,00 euros.

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