Highlights and Hidden Gems in Athens Walking Tour

Highlights and Hidden Gems in Athens Walking Tour. So you want to see the highlights of Atenas, but not like everybody else? You should – Acropolis Hill is stunning! And now you can discover all the must-sees along a road that only locals know, through hidden alleys and ancient roads in the most awesome walking tour
Walk along the city in the steps of philosophers, conquerors, rebels and ordinary people, through the modern and ancient city routes. 
Wandering through streets that enclose a rich history you will able to reconstruct the past into the present due to your interactive tour. Be prepared to wide your knowledge and let your thought travel through the stories that lies beyond the present of this historic city.The Hidden Athens experience will allow you to walk along the city through the eyes of Urban Athens Collective, a group of locals, who love their city.

Categoría: Excursiones a pie y en bicicleta.

Inicio en: Atenas, Grecia.

Duración: 3 horas.

Precio: 35,00 euros.

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