Following the Footsteps of Democracy in Athens Greece

Following the Footsteps of Democracy in Athens Greece

Join this tour to discover the best of Atenas, the essence and the development of the Athenian Democracy! Explore Athens and follow the trail of the world’s first democracy. 

Visit to the sites: Pnyx, the Acropolis, the Parthenon, Propilea gate, Erechthion, Temple of Athens Niki, the Odeon Theater, the Dionysus Theater, Mars Hill / Areopagus, Panathenean stadium (first modern Olympic Games in 1896), Change of the Guards, Greek Parliament, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Ancient Greek Agora, Plaka (the old city of Athens) with time for lunch and leisure, Lycabetus Hill with its breathtaking panoramic view of the city


  • 8-hour, morning or afternoon, private archaeological tour of Athens
  • Explore the Acropolis, Pnyx, the Theater of Dionysus and the Ancient Agora
  • A professional English-speaking tour driver

Categoría: Excursiones por la costa.

Inicio en: Atenas, Grecia.

Duración: 8 horas.

Precio: 295,00 euros.

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