Athens: Insider’s Plaka: the essentials, Self-Guided Audio Tour

Athens: Insider’s Plaka: the essentials, Self-Guided Audio Tour. An intriguing self-guided audio tour in Plaka’s exceptional landmarks, used as a walking tour on tablets and smartphone devices. Beyond the famous Athens of antiquity, the visitor sees another Athens: traditional and neoclassical houses, churches, mosques, baths, make up the connecting link between the ancient and the modern city, and help you better understand today’s Athens.
This is a tour provided by our tour-guide app. The tour is based on an award-winning storytelling concept and the fascinating stories prepared by handpicked destination experts. Enjoy this tour on your Android or iOS smarphone device  at your own pace, even if you are  offline. The  interactive map on your screen will guide you step by step to explore all the points of interest along your route. Each stop comes with a selection of signature stories, allowing you to tailor this experience to your personal interests and schedule.

Categoría: Tours y visitas turísticas.

Inicio en: Atenas, Grecia.

Duración: 70 minutos.

Precio: 11,99 euros.

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