A Segway Athens journey

A Segway Athens journeyA Segway Athens journey. Athens tour from the ancient past to the modern present. The Tour Scenario:
A city that unfolds in front of your eyes. Different elements and colors of Atenas, Mythical stories and historical debates. Discover Athens beyond sightseeing.
Under hot sun and around the slopes of  the sacred hill of the Acropolis, gods and heroes wandered. The goddess Athena, flesh of the father of Gods, all mighty Zeus, was released from his head.  Athena, was the protector of the city of Atenas, which was the cradle of dialogue, philosophy, athletic equity and drama.

We invite you to share with us the story of Greek mythology and history which will inspire you. Gliding on a Segway through the streets of this mythical city is the way we choose to familiarize you with its secrets and charms. An extraordinary way, the SEGYOURWAY.

Should you follow us to this spectacular tour, we will cruise through a narrative of politics and ideals, of art and trade, of love and sorrow that is interlaced with the city. Choose A Segway Athens journey, one of our best excursions.

Categoría: Tours culturales y temáticos.

Inicio en: Atenas, Grecia.

Duración: 3 horas.

Precio: 75,00 euros.


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